/SLAE32: Assignment 7

# Introduction

For the seventh assignment I had to write a shellcode crypter in any language and with any existing encryption scheme. I decided to use C and Blowfish. Please visit my Github repository linked at the bottom to view the source code.

# Implementation

For the crypter, I used an implementation of Blowfish by Paul Kocher. A user needs to paste his shellcode and length of said shellcode into the source, compile it and run with the intended key as an argument. The output will be some C code that the user should then copy and paste into the decryption/runner program.

After copying the encrypted shellcode into the runner, the user should compile and run it with the correct key as an argument. For this example I used the stack execve shellcode that was developed during the course.

# SLAE32 Exam Statement

This blog post has been created for completing the requirements of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert certification:
Student ID: PA-25640

All my code for the exam is available in my SLAE32 exam Github repository.